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The app for professionals. Manage your calendar, workouts, notifications and clients from the APP.

Manage your calendar and classes from one place

Know all the details of the classes, schedules and status of reservations and queues from anywhere just by using your cell phone. With TIMP Express, professionals will be able to set up new bookings or one-off sessions and take roll calls from the app.  

Integrated streaming and customized training

Conduct online sessions anywhere in the world with the streaming option. And with your clients’ personalized training plans, you can track their progress and add personal bests .

Mobile time registration

Professionals will be able to clock in from their cell phones and managers will be able to view the total monthly hours with the TIMP Express app.

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Keep your sales under control

Save time and effort by being able to quickly sell vouchers and items from your cell phone. Keep up to date with the follow-up of your customers’ unpaid sales.

Manage your customers without complications

From TIMP Express you will be able to access all the necessary information about your customer. Search, filter, and keep track of your purchases, payments, contracts and training tracking.

Personalized notifications

With TIMP Express you ensure that the changes made in the booking of each session and in the calendar will reach your professionals and clients. You will receive alerts on your phone with automatic notifications and you will always be informed.

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