Forget about the

Let your clients book their appointments, renew their vouchers or review outstanding payments.

Each customer manages his own reservations

With the TIMP app your customers can make a new reservation. They will have a global view of your business hours, be able to check their upcoming bookings, see the status of their vouchers or be up to date with their outstanding payments.

Promote your business to all your customers

Take advantage of the potential of the TIMP app and use it as a marketing tool to inform all your customers directly about your business news. You have everything you need to get their attention!

Don't be left behind!

We want to be the boost you need to take your business to the next level. Are you up for it?

Integrated online session streaming

From TIMP you will be able to create an online session calendar to offer a quality service to your clients wherever they are. Everything is integrated into the platform itself and access is quick and easy. Broadcast live, record the session and share it with whoever you want.

Sell through the app with total security

Make sales to your customers through the app easily and forget about non-payments. Let them take the initiative to purchase a new voucher, or an item from your store. You won’t have to worry about anything.

Notifications and messages in the app

Having several channels of direct communication with your customers is essential. At TIMP we make it easy for you to notify all your customers of the latest news, promotions, notices, reminders… and much more!

Do you want to try TIMP?

Request a free demonstration and one of our consultants will show you the potential of TIMP.