The digital solution that saves you time.

Forget about being dizzied by your cell phone and get better organized.
your calendar with TIMP, the tool that will optimize and digitize your nutrition practice.

In addition to balancing macronutrients ,
now you will also optimize your business .

With TIMP, your customers will perceive added value in your brand and services.
And you will gain time and organization, that is, quality of life.

Organize your calendar easily

Simplify the organization of your calendar with our smart digital calendar, easily visualizing and managing all your business appointments and sessions.

Mobile booking and payment

Your clients will be able to book sessions from your app at the times and in the manner you determine. In addition, if you want, they can also pay you directly from the application thanks to our integration with Stripe, the most secure and widely used online payment infrastructure.

Don’t be left behind!

TIMP is the tool to take your business to the next level. to the next level.
Are you up for it?

Manage your patients’ information with medical records

Store all relevant information about your customers securely in the cloud and consult it whenever you want, wherever you are.

Record sessions and send notifications

Keep your clients informed of any changes, send them individualized diets, share motivational publications that can
view all… And, if you want, make your sessions telematically.

Improve your business with optimization tools

Apply business optimization techniques with our CRM and Statistics modules. In addition, you can easily centralize your accounting.