The platform
management software for yoga studios

With TIMP you can manage your yoga center or studio. You will be able to receive reservations, make appointments, edit your calendar, manage accounting and sales, and communicate with your yogis efficiently.

Organize your yoga center with an easy and simple calendar

Thanks to our smart calendar, you will be able to quickly visualize all the bookings of your personalized training center.

Create all the sessions of the activity you want, in the time slot you decide and assign the professionals and resources you consider necessary. Easy!

How can you
help you TIMP?

Reservations and queue management from the app

Are your students bombarding you via WhatsApp with changes and class reservations? We know what that is! 95% of customers now using TIMP suffered from this type of problem. With our app your students will have a global view of the schedules and will be able to manage their reservations, see the status of their vouchers or be up to date with their pending payments.

Conducts sessions and progress tracking

Do you want to professionalize your business and take care of your customers?

Create your own exercise templates, create your ownutines and much more. You will help them achieve their goals and you will be able to follow up on an individual basis.

Your client will be able to perform yoga anywhere with their mobile device or tablet or even launch it on their smart TV.

Keep informed your customers of all the latest news

From TIMP you have more than one direct communication channel with your customers, something fundamental for your business.

Leverage the potential of the TIMP app and maximize bookings, or use it as a marketing tool touse it as a marketing tool to let them know about notify all of them of the latest news, promotions, notices, reminders… and anything else you want!

Data and statistics on the growth of your center

Decide how you want to move forward with your yoga center, thanks to the key data information that will help you make strategic decisions.

In addition, in the statistics section you can consult and visualize the information customized for you.

Do you want to try TIMP?

Request a free demonstration and one of our consultants will show you the potential of TIMP.