More than 850 businesses trust TIMP

We work with customers from Spain, Italy and Latin America

Since TIMP began to expand throughout Spain we have reached dozens of cities and hundreds of people have enjoyed the advantages of managing their business with our software. Thanks to them we have not stopped moving forward and we are offering a more efficient service adapted to all types of companies.

Every day there are more people who request to try our management software. From the smallest business with very simple weekly schedules to large sports centers with a large number of daily activities and reservations. TIMP is the perfect tool for all of them thanks to its versatility.

The large number of features it offers makes it a valid management program for both a large company and a self-employed person.

Among all its features we can highlight the creation and management of schedules, statistics on the most important data of your company in real time, accounting and billing data, medical records, stock control and a free mobile app for your customers to make reservations from your smartphone

Currently, hundreds of fitness centers, wellness, beauty, physiotherapy and academies do not find a better way to work than with the administration panel and TIMP applications.

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